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Five Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Despite our differences, most of us can agree that a key component of the holidays is overindulgence. These are the rare opportunities in our over-worked, over-scheduled culture when we finally take much needed time off and attempt to pack a year’s worth of relaxation and general decadence into parts of November and December. While this makes for a colorful social calendar, it can have a less than stellar impact on our health. Party-pooper statistics show that most people pack on extra pounds during the holidays and do not lose them after the festivities subside, or any time in the year […]

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School Snack Round Up

As a nutritionist, there are certain questions I am asked often around this time of year, especially from parents looking for school snack suggestions. As a mother of two elementary age children, I, too, have stared at the foreign looking lunch boxes and snack bags in those first bleary mornings of the school year, willing my brain to remember what I packed with confidence and efficiency just a few months prior. But this year, I’ve got your back. I’ve been compiling a list of my favorite packaged and homemade snacks to help grease those wheels, and keep your kiddo fueled […]

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The Therapeutic Value of Camel Milk by Boulder Valley Nutrition

The Therapeutic Use of Camel Milk

Say what? This was my reaction, when a colleague handed me an Israeli study about the therapeutic use of camel milk. I researched and talked about food all day, and this seemed pretty far out, even for me. The study involved children that were hospitalized with failure to thrive, because they could not tolerate any food whatsoever. But they did tolerate camel milk. Then over time, they slowly regained health, and their ability to digest regular foods. I was officially intrigued, but needed much more information. Around this time, I discovered that we have a camel farm here in Longmont […]

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Kids and Veggies: Shapes Matter

The only vegetables I ate as a child were frozen corn, raw carrots, and the occasional iceberg lettuce leaf. Although it is fair to say that my own children are more open minded with food, this is not really saying much. A year ago, they would eat frozen peas, green beans and sweet potato French fries in addition to my limited childhood list. Anything other than salt is still way too exotic, and sauces are out of the question. I know there are children out there who will eat almost anything, so a big high five (with a whopping dose […]

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New Year’s Resolutions Already Heading South?

Is your New Year’s Resolution still alive? Is that gusto that fueled the desire for change on Jan 1 still there, or has it already been snuffed out by busy schedules and loss of motivation? Many people focus on some aspect of their diet and health for resolutions, as the preceding month of over-indulgence leaves us feeling puffy, pudgy and eager for change. Unfortunately, “Lose 10 lbs” or “Eat Healthier” don’t translate into sustainable change unless they are backed by lifestyle shifts. Here are 4 simple suggestions to breathe life back into those health resolutions, so that next year you […]

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