Boulder Valley Nutrition Testimonials


"Lindsey is fantastic at helping people to see & understand how food works and impacts one's health. She has helped many of my psychotherapy clients to make incredibly beneficial changes in their diets and lives."—Dawn Larson M.S., CGT, Psychotherapist and owner of Colorado Therapies    Gunbarrel, CO


“I have seen huge improvements in my health and eating habits since I started working with Lindsey.  She is accessible, knowledgeable, thorough and supportive. If you are ready to make a real change in your life I highly recommend you contact Lindsey, she is a true GEM!”—J.H.    Niwot, CO


“Through her knowledge, enthusiasm and support, Lindsey transformed the way I approached nutrition.  After suffering for years with several chronic issues,  I feel better than I imagined was possible.  Best of all, the changes were easy to incorporate. “—D.C.      Niwot, CO


“I went into Lindsey’s cleanse thinking that not much would change for me as I figured I had a more healthy diet than most.  I am a black belt in Muay Thai, a kickboxing instructor, a runner training for my first marathon this summer and I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years.  I have also, since the birth of my daughter almost 10 years ago, been battling with chronic Hypothyroidism.  I have been to no less than 7 doctors in 10 years, ranging from General Practitioners, Functional Medicine Doctors, Endocrinologists, and Hormone Doctors.  Each has tested me for thyroid (basic thyroid tests) and either changed my meds or increased the amounts of my meds every 6 months for the past 10 years but I never felt 100%.  Here I was, working out 2 plus hours every day, avoiding fats at all costs, drinking my water, eating my veggies and tofu, never buttering my bagels and I still felt sluggish and my joints were sore.

Lindsey changed all of this for me.  During one of our many “check-ins” during this cleanse, Lindsey asked me if I had ever been tested for TPO antibodies during any of my routine thyroid blood draws.  I had no idea what she was talking about so I called my most recent hormone doctor to ask if she ordered the antibodies test as part of my thyroid screening.  Her reply was, no, I never do that test, most doctors don’t.  Lindsey is the first person who really listened to me and what she was hearing from me prompted her to urge me to be tested for antibodies because she said it sounded like I might have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  Well, guess what?  I DO have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis!!  Thanks to Lindsey and her hours of LISTENING and guiding me through this very challenging cleanse I now know that I have an autoimmune disease that I can ease simply by completely avoiding GLUTEN and other allergens like SOY products.

Most Western doctors do not even TEST for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis because they cannot write a prescription to correct it!  I am so happy to now be able to take my own health in MY OWN HANDS by making some very simple dietary changes and while I wish I had known this or that I had been tested for this YEARS ago I am more than happy to completely avoid gluten and soy from here on out.  If it weren’t for Lindsey I would not know or understand this diagnosis and I would have gone on for the rest of my life popping thyroid medicine that wasn’t working all the while my own body was producing antibodies that were KILLING my thyroid.

Lindsey is a gem.  I am so grateful to her for so many things:  My diagnosis and the freedom I have now knowing how to heal my own body from the INSIDE OUT. Her countless hours of consult and guidance during the cleanse.  The wonderful meals and snacks that she made and brought to us every other day during the cleanse.  Her sweet supporting texts and phone calls.

Everyone should be so lucky to work with such a compassionate, smart and loving person!

Thank you, Lindsey, for giving me this gift!”—A.M.    Niwot, CO